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by Paul W Abel
Shoot-N-Iron Practical Shooting & Training Academy

During the past several months I have received a dozen calls from heads of different companies and organizations in regard to safety in their businesses. They worry about some disgruntled ex-employee, a gang hell-bent on a robbery, or just some nut wandering in off the street and commencing to kill everybody in sight.

This has happened in the past much too often. During the past few years several mass shootings have occurred around the country. Even several Church Ministers and folks attending their churches were killed and injured. One such church shooting occurred in Colorado Springs--and then the same shooter attempted to repeat his deed about an hour later in a sister church near Denver. This screwball met his match in the form of a female security guard who was not on official duty. She was present, trained, armed--and shot first (and better) than the bad guy.

You do not normally think of someone shooting up a church or robbing the congregation, but that is exactly what has happened. There were a couple of these type robberies in Oklahoma City over the last few years. It makes a person wonder if there is any place that you can feel assured that you and your family are safe. These days, certainly not in your home or vehicle.

There are probably many reasons and or explanations as to the cause of this turn of events. For the most part there are too many reasons to go into here; but naming a few, I hear it is the economy. I hear that it is due to illegal immigration. I also hear it is caused by our own Government. I think it is caused by all of these things and some others too. A lot of it is "COPY CAT ATTACKS" with people wanting to get the media's attention and go out with a "BANG". You can't legislate against crazy and stupid people; we do have a few. These days you have to hire a bodyguard or become your own. It is rare when the Police are able to get there in time to help. They don't get the word until after it is over. Even though it is not politically correct to say, you are going to have to take care of the situation yourself.

For a while a majority of the shootings and killings were "Gang Related" - in other words, gang against gang. Now that the wealth has been spread (as promised during the recent Presidential Campaign) the robbing and killings has spread to anyone that happens to be handy. Honest citizens have been buying up all of the ammunition that they can, as well as every handgun, rifle, and shotgun of any quality. Folks are afraid of what may come in the future, and maybe rightly so. Both guns and ammunition are becoming a little more available now but the price has soared to all-time highs. I hope the prices drop, but somehow I doubt that will be happening anytime soon.

Many of the calls coming to our Academy want us to train security squads for their businesses or even within church congregations. This is a good idea. It sure worked in Colorado--so much for the belief that carrying your concealed handgun to church is wrong. There is no place that you are safe from attack. Not in church, not at work, not traveling, and not in your home. You had better be prepared. Your gun should never be more than inches from you, and ready for instant use. If a group of home invaders kick in your door, you do not have time to go get your pistol (or whatever firearm you have) from its hiding place in the other room. The bad guys won't wait on you. They will be all over you in just seconds. Death can be a very short time in coming--and is forever. It is a shame that our country has come to this sad state of affairs but it has, and it is sure to become worse.

You need training in tactics as well as marksmanship. But being a good shot will not always get it done. You may have to fight off an attacker or a group of attackers that are accosting you and your family with your hands only or some alternative weapon until you can bring your gun into action. This is nothing new. One of our former Legislators and his sister survived an attack in their home several years ago in which both of their parents were murdered. This happened in a small, peaceful Oklahoma country town where these incidents are not supposed to happen--but it did happen. Tell those folks that Americans need to be disarmed--they will tell you it is so much pure B.S.

I see folks come to the Concealed Carry class that is required by the state of Oklahoma to be able to obtain a concealed carry permit that are non-shooters who have just purchased their first handgun. During this class they fire fifty rounds of ammunition from distances of three and five yards at stationary targets that are not shooting back nor moving, and it is fired under no time limit. This is nothing like what they will run into if they have to defend themselves and their families. I see many of these folks leave the class thinking that they are ready and capable of handling any situation that they may encounter. Nothing is further from the truth. They do not have the "MIND SET" OR KNOWLEDGE that is needed to survive a lethal confrontation. If you have any doubt that you can win, you have already lost. These attacks will come as a surprise, when you least expect it.

Present times dictate extreme measures. There are people out there that will kill you just to watch you die. In some areas gang Initiations require the new gang member to kill one or more random people before they can become a full member of that gang. I personally have had several women students at Shoot-N-Iron that were attacked as they entered their cars in shopping mall parking areas. Some of the Police departments won't admit that these attacks happened, not wanting to make things look bad--that's bad for Mall business. Hell, they happened. While coming out for instruction in self-defense is a very good idea, these ladies are a little late. However, I don't think it will be as easy to make them a victim, if at all, as they were the first time around should they find themselves in a bad situation again. They now know what to do and how to do it. I hear Police telling people to just submit and they probably won't get hurt. Bull!!! Fight like your life depends on it, because it does.

I had one man tell me that he expects our country to shut down Government-wise, leaving us in a situation of not being able to buy the things we are now accustomed to, including food and everything else we take for granted. I think and hope he is wrong. As bad as I hate to admit it, he could be right. I have never seen people so apprehensive as they are now. You just might have to defend your home and family from looters, etc. You had better be prepared for any situation that can occur. Preplanning is something that can't hurt anything. You and your family need to know what to do, just in case it happens. I have been called radical--and maybe so. Some of you will think I'm crying wolf. I am not. For the past several years we have predicted much of what is happening now. Sadly, we have been right on target.

We have never lived in a more dangerous time. The demise of this country--IF it should come--is more than likely going to come from within our borders rather than from some foreign power, even though some foreign countries are pushing in that direction. Take a good look around and see what is happening now and what is about to happen. It could be that the U.N., NATO, and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT may become one and the same. Be watchful and get ready. You might not have time to do so later.

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