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Gun Control Fallacies, Brazen Scare Tactics, and Far-Fetched Proposals

by Paul W Abel
Shoot-N-Iron Practical Shooting & Training Academy

As we all know, over the past few years several mass shootings have occurred around this country. These dumb, stupid, and totally unnecessary events have occurred not only in our schools, but also on vehicles of transportation, at shopping centers, and even in restaurants.

The news media and the Clinton/Sarah Brady bunch jump to attack the gun world and try to stack the deck against legal ownership every time one of these tragic events occur, blaming the gun for everything from teen pregnancy to the high cost of groceries. They have been very quick to tout how much good the "Brady Bill" has done to drop the violent crime rate. This simply is not true. They lie, claiming the Brady bill has kept thousands of criminals from purchasing handguns across the counter. It has been a felony to lie on the “YELLOW SHEETS” that have been required by BATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms] for firearms purchases for many years. If the Brady bill has caught thousands of felons as claimed, I wonder why not even fifty persons were ever charged with such a felony in the US Court system? The news media also neglects to publish that in states where crime rates have dropped, there was almost always a concealed carry permit system established in that state.

Honest citizens being armed is the real reason for the drop in violent crime. I have no real heartburn with having instant background checks for the purchase of firearms. It usually takes less then five minutes to run the check and get an answer back, and then the transaction is completed. Waiting periods, however, are useless. They serve no purpose whatever. A waiting period doesn’t stop gang-bangers from drive-by shootings of rival gang members; those punks don’t buy their guns from licensed dealers anyway. I spent almost forty years in police departments working such shootings and, contrary to what the media and HGC, Inc. [Handgun Control, Inc.] would have you to believe, a good part of the thug guns come from burglaries or are bought illegally from some non-firearms-dealer-licensed person dealing hot guns out of the back of a car. It has been against the law to sell guns, stolen or not, to kids or felons for years.

How many of the perpetrators of these mass shootings had criminal records—not one that I am aware of. Yes, one of the boys in Arkansas had a run-in or two with juvenile authorities in another state, but in most states juvenile records are not open for background checks. Any juvenile record prior to his or her eighteenth birthday were not, or are not now checkable and would not show up on any of the checks.

Speaking of the school shooting in Arkansas, Clinton is crying for gun locks to keep some child from becoming a mass murderer. Do you remember? The boys in Arkansas broke into a large gun safe with sledgehammers and a cutting torch when they obtained the firearms used in that shooting. I do not believe that a three-dollar gun lock would have made any difference.

The bleeding-heart liberals are now attempting to stack the deck against personal self defense using a firearm with a proposed system for safe guns requiring the owners fingerprints to be programmed into a sensor (censor!) in the gun’s grip which must match the prints of the shooter to the prints of the owner, thus not allowing the gun to be fired by anyone else. I wonder what would happen if some intruder shoots the gun’s owner and his wife picks up the gun to try to defend herself as well as any other person in the home, and the gun won’t shoot…?

And if you wanted to sell an old pistol to a friend or pass it along to a grandson when he becomes of age I wonder how you would get the print signature changed, and at what cost? By the way I have been given some information from very reliable sources that many more of the kids hurt and killed at the school in Littleton, Colorado sustained their injuries as a result of homemade bombs exploding than from shots fired. Seems as if there were several exploded in the school and others found elsewhere around the area. That was on the news—I believe right out of the Sheriff’s mouth—but suddenly, no mention was made of that fact after BATF arrived on the scene. Interesting, don’t you think?

Now there’s a push on for ballistic printing of all firearms to be sold: samples of bullets and cartridge casings would be kept on file for comparison by BATF or local law enforcement anytime a crime is committed. The fact is that normal wear on the barrel and recoil plate will change the marks left on fired bullets and cases; the concept will not work.

Banning guns, requiring locks, registration of firearms, or any other such cockamamie ideas that we’ve been hearing about are not going to solve this "problem". Guns have to have operators. Here are a few things that might be considered if they really want to try to curtail these events:

  1. Parents should—and be allowed by the government—to discipline their own children. If I had acted the way I’ve seen some of the kids act now days, my dad would still be kicking my backside. Seems that now paddling a child’s britches is child abuse.
  2. Parents should listen to the kids and don’t be too busy and not spend time with them.
  3. Keep kids occupied. Excessive free time can lead to youngsters getting into trouble. Summer jobs, even if it’s mowing lawns, gives a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Parents take notice of who your child is running around with and what they are doing.
    1. Know where your child is.
    2. Know what he or she is watching on the tube./font>
    3. Know what they are doing on the Internet. Believe me you can learn about almost anything from sex to how to make a bomb on the ‘Net.
  5. Allow corporal punishment to be administered in the schools. Give back to the teachers the right to discipline their charges.
  6. Demand that the News Media not keep the story about these unfortunate incidents on the tube and in the news papers until the persons doing the deed feel like some sort of hero or getting gratification from their names being in print or on TV. I feel that the names of these maniacs should never be made public. No Publicity; No Glory.

I know that there are many other things that are as important as the few I have listed here. I also know that what is printed here is just one man’s opinion, and like some parts of the anatomy, everybody has got one. One thing for sure, It takes people to operate guns. Outlawing firearms won’t stop killing. More gun laws and regulations will only take rights away from the honest citizen. The crook does not care. Make no mistake; the anti-gun forces are aiming for only one thing—and that is total de-legalization of all of our firearms, and then total confiscation.

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