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by Paul W Abel
Shoot-N-Iron Practical Shooting & Training Academy

It is Saturday night and you take the wife or girl friend out to a nice dinner and an evening out. The outing is all planned and promises to be quite pleasant. The food was good and as you leave the restaurant your thoughts are on the rest of the night's activities. You go outside onto the sidewalk and a short distance down the street you approach an inset doorway. You observe three men standing partially inside the inlet. As you approach they step out into the sidewalk blocking your pathway. The apparent leader has a pistol in his hand but you cannot see, due to the growing darkness, what if any weapons, the other two men are holding.

At this point I see two possible scenarios that could happen in this situation. Which one would you rather be involved with?

First Scenario: One of the bad guys grab your wife or girl friend and forces her into the doorway while you are held at very close range gun point. The third bandito strikes you from behind and you remember falling to the sidewalk and both remaining attackers repeatedly kicking you in the head and body, then darkness. Later you awaken to find your lady beaten and violated, your billfold and her purse gone, and both of you needing medical attention.

Second Scenario: The leader of the bad guys steps up to within four feet in front of you while pointing a pistol at your chest. You raise your hands into a surrender position. You suddenly rotate your body to a position of safety, where if fired the gun's bullet will miss you. You are now inside of the pistol and the bad guys gun arm and are stepping forward in close. Your leading hand lands on top of the bad guy's pistol and with a rotating twist, turn the gun straight back up the gunman's wrist with the muzzle of the gun pointed outside and away from you. You take control and now posses his gun. You strike the man in the face with your free hand and also score with a knee into his groin. You grab the gunman and turn him around and use him as a shield, then use his own gun to disarm the other two attackers. Your lady uses her cell phone to summon the police. Neither of you are hurt.

I would always pick the second scenario. Somehow, I just don't think I would like the outcome of the first one. You say you couldn't ever do that. Sure you can. If you learn a few simple Assault Response techniques you or any adult and even most teenagers in your family can turn the tables on an attack as was described. If you have a concealed weapons carry permit and are suddenly attacked without warning, you must be able to get your own gun out and into action. To do this you have to have room to act. Hand to hand tactics may need to be applied to acquire the time and space needed. The whole incident is over in a matter of a couple of seconds.

The distance at which such attacks occur is very short. Most attacks happen at arm's length or at the greatest distance, only the length of a car or across your living room. It will be close, down and dirty, and almost always comes as a complete surprise.

It is usually as easy to overcome an assault by two to three people as it is to defeat one person. The attackers are not usually a trained team and don't really know how to work together. They go in a gang because they don't know what to do by themselves and are dependent upon numbers to accomplish their objectives. They also expect you to do exactly as you're told under this situation and are shocked into indecision if you do the unexpected. I see on TV and hear some Police Officers advising to be submissive and give the attackers what they want. I do not agree with this thinking-and you shouldn't either. I know of too many instances where the victim submitted and ended up dead. Most gang members are cowards at heart. They only have guts when in a group and things are going their way.

If the closest assailant has a knife he can be defeated by using the same technique as described in scenario number two, except when you rotate to the inside you apply a downward, hard strike to the radial nerve running along the top of the forearm and wrist holding the knife. Usually the knife will be dislodged; then strike with an elbow to the face, followed by any number of other follow up techniques that are available such as knees to the groin and possibly other take down techniques. If the knife is not dislodged there are simple follow up moves that you can employ to either disarm or even insert his own knife into him. Training in Assault Responses is needed.

If the attack comes with two or three bad guys and all are unarmed there are several defensive moves that you can make and place one attacker in the other's way, giving you the time needed to either further the hand to hand defensive attack or produce your concealed carry pistol and end the incident. I don't recommend shooting unarmed people unless there is very good reason to believe that you or your family are in immediate danger of death or grievous bodily harm. You also just may have furnished yourselves enough time to escape. You do not have to stay for their party.

To survive any attack you must have the mindset that you will win. If you doubt that you can overcome your foe or foes then you have already lost. Surprise is your ally. Instead of submitting to the wishes of the attackers, you suddenly respond by attacking in a frenzy. They are startled and disoriented and for a couple of seconds you have the advantage. Keep it. If you know how, your attack will succeed. It is always an advantage if the person or persons that accompany you have knowledge of what to do and what you are going to do. They can act accordingly and you are a trained team. The assailants don't have a clue as to what is about to happen to them.

It was only a short time ago that inside a farm and hardware store in which I was shopping, I noticed two much younger men were following me. Everywhere I went they followed. The item that I wished to purchase was located in a area where there was not much customer traffic. I suddenly saw the two men coming at me in a hurried manner from opposite ends of the isle, one of them saying something about my billfold. The nearest man had his hand inside of his front pocket of his jeans. As his hand started out I stepped to his inside and struck his forearm and he dropped the knife that was obviously intended to do my body harm. I turned him into the other attacker and sent the second man into the display rack head first causing considerable noise and disturbance. The first bandit escaped my grasp and ran through the rear storeroom and out the back door. One of the employees of the store ran up as I now subdued the second attacker. He said he had seen the whole thing and thought they meant to rob me. I think he had it pegged pretty well right. The only thing was I couldn't really prove the point. It was my word against his. The employee went to the back door to see if the first man was anywhere around but couldn't see him. While he was gone the thug that was very uncomfortably still in my grasp and I came to an understanding as to what was going to happen if I ever saw him again. We did not call the police as the only provable attack was perpetrated by me. Besides I now owned the first a--hole's pocket knife. It wasn't much but it is a souvenir. I was in sort of a hurry so reluctantly I released the second man and he made a hasty exit. I don't expect they will try that same thing again, but who knows. I am considered elderly by some and that makes me a target just like you. I am however, a trained pro. You should-and can be!

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