Class Schedule

SHOOT-N-IRONdoes not issue a regular class schedule. It is easier for us to meet your schedule than for you to meet ours. Our classes are conducted weekly during each month of the year and may be scheduled almost any time.

Spaces for three possible dates that you wish to attend are found at the top portion of our application form. Select three possibile dates and we will attempt to place you in a class during that time frame. SHOOT-N-IRON 's courses run concurrently, but separately. You may enroll in only one course at a time (unless otherwise indicated in the Course Catalog). Five day classes start on Monday and end on Friday. Some SI 100 and Mobile Classes may be scheduled on weekends by special request. Class space is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

A deposit of 1/4 of the course tuition is due with your application. The balance is due on your arrival at SHOOT-N-IRONIf for some reason your application is not accepted, your deposit will be returned. If you cancel after receiving notice of confirmation, your deposit is not refundable; however, at your request, it will be held and applied toward a future class.

Class space will be reserved for you once your application and deposit are received and accepted. A letter confirming your reservation wil be mailed to you. Class sizes are limited to no more than fifteen people.

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