Application for Training

SHOOT-N-IRON Academy has an obligation to the public, society, and itself not to share training and experience with anyone of bad or unfavorable character. SHOOT-N-IRON requires documentation of one of the items listed below for applicants wishing to attend courses held at the Academy or any of our mobile classes:

  1. A letter from a law enforcement agency in your area stating that you do not have a criminal record or history of mental illness.

  2. Photocopy or other evidence of current or retired service with public law enforcement, licensed security, or current or retired military affiliation.

NOTE: Photocopy of your state concealed weapons permit may be submitted in lieu of the above requirements.

All items of recommendation must accompany your application. We do not wish to inconvenience our clients, but we feel sure that you do not wish to share your class or time with undesirable persons.

Go to online printable application form:  click form.gif (1966 bytes)



There are several nice motels in Shawnee. SHOOT-N-IRON will make reservations for you upon your request. Commercial air service is located in Oklahoma City. Shawnee's municipal airport can handle private jet traffic. SHOOT-N-IRON can furnish your transportation to and from the airports and from the motel to the range if requested. Vehicle rental service is available at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. (Click here for local area map .)

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