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October 22, 2002

Many thanks to Paul and the entire staff at Shoot-n-Iron.

I am writing this letter in hopes that you will in some way share my experience with your potential customers. Here's my story and I'm stickin to it.

I recently attended the Assault Response Training. I spoke to Paul on the phone about the course curriculum and decided this was a good course for me. He explained that the course was developed with the concealed carry permit holder in mind. Upon arrival I was immediately made to feel right at home. Paul has carefully carved out a small piece of heaven in the rural Oklahoma landscape and shares it with his clients. (Never mind the red mud) The course started with a brief introduction by the instructors and moved around the table to quickly introduce everyone. Rather than spill all the details I will keep it short and sweet. I hoped to learn a great deal about protecting myself and my family during this short 2-day course but Paul took it beyond that goal.

Our class was very diverse. We ranged from the young men and ladies, through the entire spectrum, and ended up at my course companion who is 60 years old and very restricted due to health problems. We spent a great deal of time inside the facility on the mat's learning to perform battle proven life saving techniques. These ranged from working with all our naturally provided tools like fists, fingers, elbows feet, etc: to guns, knifes, sticks, canes, and not to forget our most impressive tool, our brains. The instructors were very respective of our different skill levels as well as our abilities and worked with each of us at our individual level. Paul and his crew developed some real life scenario's on the range to not only increase our ability to draw from concealment and conquer the situation, but to make us subconsciously re-think our choices from mindset all the way down to the clothes we utilize for concealment. I could not believe how quickly lunchtime arrived.

Earlier in this letter I stated that Paul had taken my expectations and hopes beyond my goal. Not only did I increase my skill level quantum leaps;
I had fun while doing it.
I certainly was not expecting that.

Final note: From my experiences you will not find this type of martial arts training and "real life" live ammo shooting experience at your local dojo or friendly neighborhood gun range. Give them a try. You'll get your moneys worth and more!

Danny Thornton
Fort Worth, Texas


Dear Paul & C.W.

I thought that I would drop you a quick letter just to say Hi and thank you. I had a blast in your Assault Response Training class and wish that I could fly out to Oklahoma to take this class every month. I learned so much. The class gave me a confidence with in myself that I had thought was long dead. At the end of the last day I walked away from your facility knowing deep down in my soul that I could now handle what ever life hands me.

I think the things I enjoyed the most was the shooting on the range, punching the dummy, and you two with your vivid stories and at times child like behavior. Overall I give you guys a 10.

For me the greatest victory story would be my mother. What you have given my mother is something that I have never seen in her before. That is the true confidence and self worth that she now has. Since her first class I have seen my mother take control of her life such as even her eating disorder. She has lost weight and wants to keep it off by changing the way she looks at food. My mother is also doing things that she has been afraid to do, like riding a horse. Thank you so much for what you have given my mother.

Now some people may not understand how these feelings could come from a practical shooting and training academy. I guess these people just need to come and take your class to be able to understand. However for what it is worth, thank you so much for everything.


Veronica L. White
San Diego, California

May 09, 2006

To Paul, C.W.,

I wish to thank you and all the staff of the Shoot-n-Iron for the outstanding A.R.T. class. Having served in the military for over 22 yrs.,I went to many different courses in Survival, Battle Skills, Drill Sgt. School, and many other Combat Infantry Schools. I have never seen a method of hand to hand, knife fighting, and pistol techniques as simple and effective as those taught in your A.R.T. class.

The A.R.T. gave my wife and family members a sense of confidence that I have never seen before. Now that my family has completed the next level of A.R.T. training, I see even more confidence & skills that may very well save their lives one day.

In closing I want to again thank all the staff of the Shoot-n-Iron, and tell you how much my family is looking forward to our next class.


SFC Randy A. Dailey (Ret.)

February 24, 2009

Paul Abel
Shoot-N-Iron, Inc.
17205 Gaddy Road
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801

Dear Paul,

I wanted to express our sincere thanks for the personal coaching and training Twyla and I received during the Assault Response Training (ART) course at the Shoot-N-Iron in January. All of the instructors are clearly masters in teaching self-defense and preparing citizens with the knowledge and skills to take control and avoid being a victim of an assault, home invasion, car-jacking, or other scenario we could face. While the techniques were simple to understand and practice, they were extremely effective and gave us confidence we could apply them if a threatening situation occurred.

I believe the ART course should be required of all people applying for concealed handgun permits. When you understand your most powerful weapon is your mind and ability to react decisively, handguns, knives, and other available items are merely tools to be used appropriately. Knowing how to respond allows you to be in control of these choices.

Since my wife and I are recent handgun owners, the ART course was extremely effective in teaching us the safety and handling of these tools. It was exciting to see how accurate we could be with the proper techniques and coaching. Practicing concealed carry and acting out the assault scenarios like car-jacking, hostage situation, and gang conflicts in a real environment was the best experience to prepare us for that responsibility.

It has been amazing to see the attitude change in Twyla after taking this course. I know she will not be a victim should someone try to attack her and that gives me great comfort. We are planning to come back to the Shoot-N-Iron and bring our 26 year old daughter next time.


Dan Smith - OPUBCO logo-card


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