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SHOOT-N-IRON Practical Shooting and Training Academy is located 4 miles west of Shawnee, Oklahoma in the Bethel Acres community--35 miles east of Oklahoma City and close to Interstate 40.

SHOOT-N-IRON has several handgun, rifle, and shotgun ranges utilizing stationary, reactionary, and moving target systems. SI's classroom and range teaching methods for both defensive and competitive courses are unsurpassed.

SHOOT-N-IRON is privately owned and operated, and is open twelve months each year. Defensive classes teach civilians, law enforcement officers, and military personnel from all over the world how to control most situations that they may encounter. Basic through advanced levels of defensive shooting are taught with all types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Students wishing to enroll in competitive courses may train in bullseye, PPC, modern and cowboy IPSC styles of handgun competition, small and large bore rifle, and skeet, trap, and field shooting for shotgunners. Student achievement levels are excellent and the confidence gained is invaluable and can mean the difference between winning or losing. During a violent encounter, the difference may be "Life or Death"

SHOOT-N-IRON's President and chief instructor, Paul Abel, is respected as being one of the most knowledgeable small arms, tactical, defensive, and competitive shooting instructors in the world. Paul has been a working Police Officer, Sheriff, and State of Oklahoma and NRA Certified Police Combat Instructor for the past 40 years. He holds a USPSA/IPSC, and several NRA Master Ratings in various competitions. He is now retired from active competition. During his career in law enforcement, he was involved in numerous shooting encounters. Paul knows how to survive in dangerous situations and will pass this knowledge on to you. SHOOT-N-IRON's instructor staff does not teach from someone's book; they teach from real life, personal experience. "THEY HAVE BEEN THERE".

Classes are kept small by design. "One-on-One" instruction is common. Students are treated as individuals, not just another number. Lasting friendships are formed during each class and most students reschedule for future, more advanced courses.

SHOOT-N-IRON now operates under a new policy. Many students underestimate their own shooting skills. A few overestimate their abilities. Nothing is more boring than spending a week being taught things you already know. On the other hand, being placed in a class where goals are beyond your reach can be equally exasperating.

Upon arrival at SHOOT-N-IRON, each student fires a short course designed to show our staff your level of expertise. We proceed from that point. Students like this policy and benefit from it greatly.

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