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SI 400 3 Gun Combination (Handgun, Rifle, & Shotgun)

If you have a dialup Internet connection, click here for a short, 5 minute video overview of Shoot-N-Iron firearms training.
If you have a high-speed Internet connection, click here to view the 5 minute video overview of Shoot-N-Iron firearms training.

This course is designed for the serious defensive shooter who wishes to combine training in Handgun, Rifle, & Shotgun defense techniques. Instruction and use of these three weapons are combined into one compact course. This course is five days of the most intense training offered anywhere and includes both moving and reactionary targets. Course content requires five consecutive days. Course includes:

Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Defensive shooting and tactics
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Use of cover and concealment
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Back up weapons
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Strong and weak hand weapon operation and loading (all three weapons)
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Building and vehicle clearing scenarios

Course duration: Five days (Monday through Friday only).

Equipment: See Equipment Requirements

Tuition: See current Tuition Schedule.

SI 450 Special Executive Self Defense

SHOOT-N-IRON Practical Shooting and Training Academy

Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational)Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational)Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational)YOU ARE VULNERABLEShoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational)Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational)Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational)

Executives in the business world are bulletR.gif (889 bytes) PRIME TARGETS bulletL.gif (887 bytes) for criminal attack--while traveling, at the office, or even in your own home. Families as well as property are in jeopardy. These courses are especially for business men and women. Classes are flexible and tailored to each individual's special needs. On the street, in the office, in the home, and vehicle-related scenarios build confidence and increase security. Classes include:

Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Firearms safety
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Marksmanship
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Weapon selection and handling
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Basic through advanced tactics
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Legal do's and don't's
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Unarmed self-defense
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Concealment weapons
Shoot-N-Iron star graphic (non-navigational) Carry methods

Course Duration: One, two, three, four, or five days.

Equipment: See Equipment Requirements

Tuition: See current Tuition Schedule.

SI 500 Special Mobile Classes

SHOOT-N-IRON offers special mobile classes for groups that are unable to attend our classes at the SHOOT-N-IRON Academy. These classes are short versions of courses regularly conducted at the academy and are designed for clubs, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations. Seminar cost will depend on location, duration, and class size. These clinics require a local sponsor or sponsoring organization. Check with us for particulars.

SI 600 Assault Response Training  A.R.T.

SHOOT-N-IRON Practical Shooting and Training Academy

If you have a dialup Internet connection, click here for a short, 6 minute video overview of the A.R.T. program.
If you have a high-speed Internet connection, click here to view the 6 minute video overview of the A.R.T. program.

SHOOT-N-IRON has joined with PALADIN PERSONAL PROTECTION and now offers complete ASSAULT RESPONSE TRAINING, "A.R.T." This sixteen hour, two day, weekend class will teach Unarmed (Hand to Hand) Response, Alternative Weapon Usage, and Extreme Close Quarters Handgun Tactics.

Instructors are professionals. All have been there for real. They are highly trained and are ranked in the upper one percent in the world.

A.R.T. is a combined handgun and hand to hand (unarmed response) training program developed by Paul W. Abel of SHOOT-N-IRON and C.W. Montgomery, founder of PALADIN PERSONAL PROTECTION. Portions of the A.R.T. course are derived from the hand to hand training done for the U.S. Navy SEALs.

You do not need to be an athlete to learn these unarmed defensive hand to hand techniques. Our students range in age from 18 to 80. Courses are designed to accommodate the physically impaired as well as those in good physical condition.

More citizens are injured or die from assaults each year in the United States than from AIDS. To survive in this society you either have to hire a bodyguard, or learn your own unarmed defensive hand to hand and close range edged weapons and firearms techniques.

There are never any guarantees when you are confronted with a life-threatening situation. However, the knowledge, skills and techniques gained from this training will enhance your chances of survival greatly. Our techniques work virtually every time.

Course Duration:  Sixteen hours: a two day, weekend class.


  • Comfortable, loose clothing suitable for both mat and range.
  • Athletic type soft shoes.
  • Handgun, caliber optional, semi-automatic or revolver.
  • Concealable holster, extra magazines for autos and speed loaders for revolvers.
  • 300 rounds ammunition (minimum).
  • Eye and Ear protection.
  • Knee & Elbow pads.

Tuition: See current Tuition Schedule.

Class Limit: 20 Students.

Enroll now. This training is in great demand and cannot be obtained elsewhere. Class space is limited!

Close quarters response to a gun threat maneuver
Large men are easily overcome, even by much smaller women

SI 650 Edged Weapons for Defense

  SHOOT-N-IRON is now offering even more training that can help you stay alive if confronted with a lethal encounter. Instruction in Edged Weapons for Defense is being offered in conjunction with our regularly scheduled firearms training. 

Edged Weapons for Defense teaches last ditch defensive techniques that can save your life when you are not able to carry a firearm. Our instructors are all extremely talented in the instructional use of the weapons. Both men and women greatly benefit from this class.

Course Duration: One, two, three, four, or five days.

Equipment: Sweatsuit and sneakers

Tuition: See current Tuition Schedule.

SI 700 Oklahoma Concealed Carry Class

SHOOT-N-IRON offers a 1-day class fulfilling the training requirements for an Oklahoma Concealed Carry license.
Call SHOOT-N-IRON for more details and enrollment for this Concealed Carry class.

Course Duration: One day.

Equipment:Call SHOOT-N-IRON for information on what equipment is required.

Tuition: State-mandated class fee is $60.00.

Other classes offered: Handgun Classes - Rifle Classes - Shotgun Classes

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